Monday, June 17, 2013

Morning Monday

If you've been following this series you know I recently  embarked on decluttering and simplifying my life. It's become a Saturday ritual to rise early, load of a bag of books to replenish the small bookcase at Panera and enjoy a cup of coffee and surf on my Kindle.
This Saturday, the manager thanked me for adopting their store. I explained I was a former book blogger and attempting to purge my library and it was gratifying to share the books there.

You might also know that I took a mini challenge called habit-stacking. It's going well and I've kept it simple. Today, DH is joining me in my effort to resume a regular exercise routine so this morning after yoga and a little writing, he's joining me for a brisk walk.

This evening I have a few tasks related to my robbery. My gym membership is auto pay so I need to contact them with the new digits. Weekend was good. I'm experimenting with a black bean burger recipe. Second batch. Not quite there but I'm encouraged.

Off to walk.

Be well.


  1. Good luck! All endeavors that I should be trying out - the purging is going on a bit actually due to some recent moves. Thanks for the inspiration. k.

  2. I wish you well in simplifying your life. What a great idea to donate books to Panera. I know it feels great to see the books somewhere you know people who read gather.

  3. well dinner sounds good to me...robbery? must have missed that...yikes...simplifying...i hear you...we are loaded up in the basement for a yard sale here soon...clean out....summer makes a great time to do that here...

  4. Brian, losing my Kindle really sucked because it was my solution to get in online time without interferring with home time.

    Susie and M, simplifying is necessary. I want some real change and clarity in my life and I'm convinced that part of creating the life I want means decluttering. Let my outside world reflect what I want internally.

    Thank you all for reading and commenting.

  5. A good read.Actually we lose some home time in this.Your way is nice.

  6. rudrapryaga, it's been a battle for me for years. My hope is that I could achieve some balance this way. It's early in my efforts and I'm hopeful. Thanks for coming by.


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