Monday, May 6, 2013

Minimalism My Way

And the brown girl is still giddy about minimalism. I'm regularly donating books to Panera, and I'm happy to report I'm not willy-nilly buying stuff. Each purchase now is made after determining need versus want. I literally ask myself what I am getting for bringing 'x' into my house. I ask myself if the item positively adds to my life or is it just one more thing to keep up, worry about or become bored with? I'm an emotional shopper. Curbing impluse shopping is a big deal. I'm happy about my progress.

There is also the matter of keeping up and cleaning the stuff I already have. I'm neat and I'm a packrat. My creative mind isn't bothered by a little mess but thanks to Tanja at Minimialist Packrat, I'm tidying up more often in 15 minute bouts against dust and disorder.

While I don't have any over-the-top, you're really gonna be impressed with what I did feats to share, I can say that for once I don't feel overwhelmed by the idea of a real change. My optimism is growing. Because there's no road map, I'm reading different folk for inspiration. Today I've chosen a mini-mission suggested by Courtney at Be More with Less. She has a series of mini-missions  designed to help the wannabe miminalist find her way. I chose the 5 minute Habit Stacking exercise. Courtney writes:

Start by thinking about what you’d like to do everyday.

Choose two. (don’t worry, you can add more later).

Pick a time that you can practice each day.

Show up.

Only five minutes.

Add one minute to each activity each week if you’re ready.

At one time I was practicing yoga everyday at lunch. My practice was pretty basic, and safe for a novice. I downloaded a session to my Nano. Occasionally, I'd sign up for classes. Recently I started a new class but allegeries and sickness threw a wrench in my very new Saturday routine. Courtney says don't let a setback be an excuse to bail so for my habit stacking, I'm starting with 5 minutes of yoga early Monday morning before showering. After yoga, I'm going to sit, be still. In other words, start my day unhurried and relaxed.

Next Monday I'll share how my week went.

Do you have any habits or rituals that are as natural as breathing? Do you need habits or routines to be creative or productive? How did you start?

I hope you respond.

Be well.


  1. Week 2, day 2. Feeling fine. Found a good space to practice and the music and sequence. :-)

  2. Week 3. Slowly increasing time. Love the morning routine.

  3. Love the 15 minute clean up idea! Knowing there is a short time to clean would keep me much more focused than thinking I had all day to clean!


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