Monday, May 13, 2013


Yesterday was Mother's Day. I didn't see my mother. She and my father preferred to stay in, and I was happy for it. I wasn't up for entertaining, and I didn't want to leave home either. With two daughters, one teen and one adult, I'm past the homemade cards and experimental breakfasts and trinkets I have to remember to wear. Instead, my youngest gave me a funny card, lovely flowers and gift card to Starbucks and the eldest (out of state) called. DH made me an omelette and french pressed coffee. I spent my morning lazily surfing, belly full and relaxed. My mother and I made plans for a family meal later in the week. Everyone will come here.

Later, I gathered more books and made my way to Panera to spruce up the bookcase with new selections, discreetly remove some tattered, unwanted texts, enjoyed a second cup of coffee and when I was done, walked to my local Chinese grocer for a few items.

Last week I shared I was taking on Coutney's 5 Minute Habit Stacking. I managed to get in two yoga sessions thanks to nasty allergy episodes. I am not deterred. This weekend, I bought a package of yoga lessons at a fitness studio in my neighborhood, took a long walk Saturday morning and helped close shop at my part-time job. We're closed for the summer for renovations. During these months I have exercise classes lined up and gardening with my mother.

Instead of shopping these days, I spend a lot of time surfing blogs, finding spaces and folk I want to connect with. I've bookmarked poetry blogs, a minimalist blog new to me and an artist's blog that is a convergance of shared interests.

Lastly, I spent a considerable amount of time rethinking my own online space. Just as I want simplicity in my physical space, I want the same here. A lifelong packrat, I couldn't imagine me living clutter-free. I'm also a scatterbrain. It's an effort for me shut down incessant mental chatter and chaos. Inspite of how I see myself, I am creating more space, more order, less clutter. Less is feeling pretty good in my living space so I've opened up the space here; consolidated some and with other elements removed them from the blog. The more I explore this new way of living, the more I'm asking how do I create more with less. I like the direction I'm moving in.

I'd like to know if the layout here is welcoming. Is it easy to navigate? Is the space aesthetically pleasing?

Thanks for coming by. Be well.


  1. I really like this fresh, clean space. Very easy on the eyes.

  2. I haven't been by in awhile and I almost wondered if I remembered your site correctly! I was instantly drawn to this beautiful serene vision. I was able to feel it, read it, and I love it. I also struggle with pack-rat-itis and occasionally have to streamline my life. I am fascinated with simplicity, which seems so hard to come by. When I make my clothes or decorate, I have to resist the urge to embellish too much. That being said, I reserve the right to change my mind!!

    I smiled when I saw your comment on Dross. You didn't sound weird at all, in fact that's totally normal to me!! It's about resonance, intuition, and vibe.

    I loved your description of Mother's Day. Sounded like the perfect day. Mine was equally wonderful, spent with my 25 yr old, a call from my 27 yr old, and husband getting back in town that evening, rose in hand.

    I'd love to know some of the sites you're currently finding inspiring. If you posted about them, I apologize!! I'll be back when I have more time. Have a glorious week. XXOO

  3. I agree with Jean! Such a lovely feel to your site. I'm a "scatterbrain" too, but I've elevated my nomenclature to "ruminator"! I'm a fretter, and a worry-wart, and have done miles of work ... still working on that, but that's life, isn't it?
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Jean, you'll find blogs I'm reading on the bar above, and you can expect a new feature here that I've enjoyed doing in the past where I share reads I enjoyed doing the week.

    Jan, you are hilarious and I'm so glad you cam by.

    Thank you, both.


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