Monday, June 10, 2013

Graduation: All I needed was popcorn and the big tent

I have a Buddha bowl. When the bowl is up, life is good. Last week was a bowl down week. Wednesday I was robbed. And it happened in part because of something I did. Thief helped himself to my wallet and Kindle. I was fine. I reported the incident, went to the bank. Yada, yada, yada. Friday, I went to the bank and was told my funds wouldn't be available until after the investigation (not what I had been told before). This was my daughter's graduation and prom weekend. Yeah. You can form a picture.

I get home and DH is sipping on a cocktail at 5pm. He says, remember what I told you about the bowl being up? Panic rising, “Yes.”
“We'll, it's down.”
I did my best not freak out and I wasn't on my best game. Turns out computer crashed or we thought it did and that sucked big time. Phone, tv, movies, blog- all requires our computer.

Saturday morning, DH sitting at computer. System needs work but old gal is running for now. Dear Daughter cut me out of the loop regarding prom: got dressed at older sister's (her dad's daughter), wore a different dress, and I thought I was going to have to wait to see the pictures on Facebook. I didn't. I saw them on her phone. Oh joy.

Sunday was graduation. I planned an intimate breakfast with DH, Dear Daughter and Daughter's boyfriend (the sulking, sweet boy overwhelmed by a teenage girl and the chaos she creates). But DD had different plans and invited older sister (my eldest), grandparents invited themselves (they're always running late and missed breakfast) and what I had planned , a meal that wouldn't stress us or the dear boy resulted in the usual chaos I've been working hard to eliminate from my life.

Graduation. If I drank, I would have gotten smashed. Ah, but I have an allegeric reaction to alcohol. Twenty plus years sober. I digress. Ex was himself, skipping out on the post-graduation impromptu meal afterwards, a meal I told DD beforehand, I didn't think was a good idea but Dear Daughter again circumvented the game plan I gave her, and the family opted to eat at Ruby Tuesday's (insert finger down throat). Boy was overwhelmed and retreated like a snail in a shell.

Eventually I drove me and DH home in my parents' car. My aging parents teetered home unbothered by the manipulative actions of their granddaughter, and I fell into my bed exhausted.

First time online since Wednesday. Thank Maude I have the day off. Simplicity, clarity, in this madness? I kept breathing. I cleaned. I refused to be pulled into the drama no matter that it was ugly. The incidents of the last few days were not me just events occuring in my life.

Today is minimalism my way. That means remembering what matters. Kid graduated. Grand parents are proud. Oldest was home for a visit. I spent time with my loving, dsyfunctional family.

Be well.


  1. Oh dear...I am lying in bed with a cold at the moment feeling a bit smug about not having to endure all of this...Sorry! have made me feel better about my life...Sorry again:)

    I am sure you have good days:)

  2. R, I hope you feel better soon. Life is good. My whine is nothing serious.


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