Saturday, July 6, 2013

Rockin' The Middle Years: The Look and Voice

Welcome to blogs over easy where I review some of the blog hopping adventures of the week. I hope you didn't eat too many hot dogs or elephant ears. Me, I binged on blogs: lots of reading, commenting and sprucing up Black and Gray. The extended weekend gave me time to build on the original theme I had in mind when I launched this blog: sharing my middle years and connecting with dynamic and gifted women defining their midlife, too.

This week it's about feeling good and looking good. As some of you know I work part-time in retail fashion, and you might know that style matters to me. It's a creative expression like any other art. How we dress says something about our body image, personality and our perspective. If you want to talk about the politics of fashion, body image and sexuality, hey put it on the table.

For now, I'd like to introduce you to a few of the women style bloggers who are articulate, stylish and beautiful. Before you snub this post, roll your eyes and say you're not a fashionista so there's no point in reading a style blog, hear me out, these are women with experiences and sure of their own voices. They have plenty to say. Listen.

Lisa at Privilege rocks the silver. She's in her 50s and she has authentic style. She's the woman who looks polished in jeans and a motor cycle jacket. Her writing is smart, informed and hell, fun to read.

Jeannie at gracefully 50 is an empty-nester. She started blogging to fill the void, to find a path after being fully immersed in children and family. She argues she's awkward and clumsy. She might feel uncomfortable but she looks good.

Jean (60) at Dross into gold, is elegant. This grandmother is graced with long lines and gorgeous skin. When you read her blog you're enveloped in an artist's serene and creative space. Jean upcycles. She typically models fashion she's reinvented with her own hands.

Silk at Silk Path Diary is a Brit. She had her babies later so while we're about the same age, she has tweens. She is stylish, sensible and pragmatic. She's also petite which matters a great deal to me. She knows how to pack like a pro, how to keep her wardrobe manageable and she's discerning. For Silk, it's about having a few choice pieces rather than volume.

What have you read this week that moved you, gave you pause or informed you? Drop a link.

Happy blog hoppin'!


  1. Thanks for sharing these links! I"m excited to take a look at their sites and see their styles! Every day I say this is the day I will dress, but somehow I always end up in casual with running shoes! One of these days though...

  2. Robyn, change in work is what got me interested. That and I had dropped almost 30 pounds. I hope you enjoy the blogs.

  3. Thank you very much. I'm happy to meet you, and to meet the other bloggers here too. Silk Path I knew, the other two not, so it's a pleasure.

  4. Hey, I remember fashion! I think I decided that, in my 50s, I was never going to look good in anything anymore. *cries*

  5. Girl, I'm just hitting my stride. lol


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