midlife blogs

This list represents bloggers in their middle years. When I returned to blogging I wanted to connect and support women like me. The blogosphere is vast and it was not easy finding these women so now that I've found them, I'm spotlighting them here. My blog list at the bottom of the main page is the greater breadth of my reading habits.

Arts & Writing
Addicted to Purple
Be Yourself
Birds-Eye Gemini
Confessions of a Laundry goddess
Eclipsing Winter

jaywalking the moon
Look for a lovely thing
Manic D Daily
Noh where...but here
Passionate Crone

Read Shaded Glasses
Shay's Word Garden
Small stones
Suburban Satsangs
Sweet Lust
That's Mrs. Mediocrity to you
Vision and Verb

Windrock Studio


Dressed Her Days Vintage
Dross into gold

Fashion Me Blo
Fort Smith Stylista
Silk Path Diary

Any Shiny Thing
healthy midlife
Generation Fabulous
Long Hollow
MidLife Bloggers
Next few years
Red's Wrap
Rock The Silver
Whose Shoes Are These Anyway?

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