Monday, July 8, 2013

On the way to the moon I tripped over this three wheeled contraption

Okay, so this weekend I was seriously blog hopping, happily reading and commenting my way through the blogosphere, and I stumbled upon Trifecta. Instant hook. They have a cool introduction meme and so it begins. Welcome to my world, Black and Gray: one woman's terrifying and glorious leap off the cliff of midlife.

What is your name (real or otherwise)?

My name is LaTonya. You know in the old days we used pseudonyms. You only shared your real name with folks after you got to know them via email and the then new instant message craze. Crazy pilgrims we were. This is the first blog I've written under my given name. Felt naked (which isn't entirely a bad thing) at first.

Describe your writing style in three words: Authentic, candid, sensual.

How long have you been writing online?
1998. I know, the Stone Age.

Which, if any, other writing challenges do you participate in?
Dverse, Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads, Three Word Wednesday

Describe one way in which you could improve your writing.
 I'd like to write longer poems in more forms.

What is the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?
Word choice matters.

Who is your favorite author? I have several genres I feel passionately about so I'm cheating and will list a few: YA- Jacqueline Woodson, speculative fiction- Octavia Butler, Feminist writer/poet- Audre Lorde. Yeah, I'm partial to women. No, I don't do chick lit.

How do you make time to write? I'm a morning person and a bus commuter. I write before sunrise and I read (thus inspired) on the bus.

Give us one word we should consider using as a prompt. Remember--it must have a third definition. Band.

Direct us to one blog post of yours that we shouldn't miss reading.
Long but encapsulates my style, history and passion is my about page.

I was dragging thinking about how I could manage today's prompt. Who knew? The meme allowed my fingers to fly effortlessly across my keyboard.

Word count: 333
Join us. This week's word: Fly. 33-333


  1. Welcome to Trifecta and, by extension, to me and my little part of this planet. I am glad that you are finally here. What took you so long? :)

  2. Great introduction! Nice and crafty combination of introduction and meme.
    'Yeah, I'm partial to women' So, am I!

  3. This was interesting! I also am partial to women writers, in literary fiction and memoirs, especially. I do not like chick lit., either.

  4. Welcome to Trifecta, it's definitely rather addictive. And what a clever use of the prompt.

  5. Killing two birds with one stone. Nicely done! And welcome to Trifecta. Looking forward to reading more from you. I'm fairly new, too. I'm totally, completely hooked. :)

  6. My neighbor has a saying "Make every load a pay load." Fits here as you took care of two things with one swipe.

  7. Very clever, combining the meme with the prompt! Glad you found Trifecta- I look forward to reading your entries. (It is rather addictive, so I'm pretty sure you'll be back :grin:)

    I'm so lazy, I've been doing Trifecta challenges for over a year and still haven't answered those questions!

  8. Um, don't know. I've been having issues for two days. I comment and blog gremlins have been eating them up. I remember you writing you read this but I saw no comments. I'll check my spam folder, but all comments come to my email. Will look.

  9. At first I thought you linked to the wrong place. But I wanted to know you better and then ZING! You got me. Very clever. Nice to meet you. Understand about feeling naked using your real name. I'm really me. lol Glad you found Trifecta. I've been seeing you a lot but thought you were mainly dVerse. Welcome to the world of challenges!

    1. Hi Maggie, nice to hear you were interested. Yeah, I get around and I've had more time lately so blog hopping it's been.

  10. Welcome to Trifecta, LaTonya!
    You got me! I never did the meme, and now feel sheepish for not having employed this wonderful ruse. Look forward to writing with you!

  11. Welcome to Trifecta LaTonya! Nice job merging the prompt with your introduction!

  12. Welcome to Trifecta! I'll echo others and say what a great idea for the prompt. I thought, too, that you had linked the wrong post. Clever! I look forward to seeing you 'round these parts again!

  13. Thank you, Kymm, Suzanne and Steph. :-)

  14. Nice to see you here also.. we seem to bump into each other :-) Very imaginative to introduce yourself by way of the meme.

  15. Morning, Bjorn. I've found the best way to find the best places to hang out is to follow people I enjoy. When new acquaintances comment to me I reciprocate and if I like what they do, l check out their blog roll. That's how l found trifecta. :-)

  16. That piece of writing advice is gold. Short enough to be tattooed onto every writer's forehead, too, which is an added bonus. :)

    Writing before sunrise is something I've been contemplating for a while now. I do most of my writing at the end of the day when my brain is far from its freshest or most creative. It's just a matter of forcing myself to set that alarm an or so earlier...

  17. Nice to learn more about you. I also like your prompt suggestion.

  18. Clever girl. Nice way to work the prompt into the intro.

  19. Glad you found the three wheeler. Welcome.


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