Monday, June 3, 2013

A list to live by

In January, I started a writing challenge about resetting my life. I bailed on it (another post) but one of the excerices was on what I value and how well I'm living my values. It was pretty pitiful and shameful to see in black and white how I was living. The upside is that once you see a thing for what it really is, you have the choice to do something about it. Many of my values are aligned with what I know about miminalism. In some areas, I'm making progress. Here's a short list of what I want to gain by living a minimalist life:

1) Living in a decluttered, orderly space because my head stuff is pretty scattered. Having my physical space clutter-free does make me feel calmer and and in control. And I am visual. Clean space does look good. I clean in short spurts. I put things away right away or soon after. Four weeks running, I'm donating books to my local coffee shop and maintaining a 'library' there. It's become a habit now to look for things to toss or donate. Home is sanctuary.

2) Spending more time with family and friends. As much as I say I love connection, the reality is I was sucking big time as a partner, sibling and friend. I easily get caught up in my projects or moods and fail to invest in my relationships. That's changing for the better but no cheering yet, some folks including me are waiting to see if this lasts. Enjoyed a great trip to see a childhood friend, attended a women's breakfast, shopped with the kidlet and fixed DH a meal.

3) Reducing my debt and therefore reducing my stress. Simply put I suck at managing money. Doesn't matter how much I make, I fail to budget, pay on time and save. Today, I question my spending. I've discovered that I feel better having money rather than not having it and having money to do things instead of buying things feels better, too. I'm thrifting when I do shop. I'm shopping less and making arrangements to pay off debts. Not long ago I paid off a burden. It was the first time I was really excited about having paid a bill. Getting a refund from creditor boosted my confidence that I can manage my money.

I talk a lot about how I feel in relation to what I'm doing. I'd love to say I'm more motivated by simply doing what is logical and responsible but I'm early in the game and honestly I am looking for gratification and I'm getting it.

Have you simplified your life? What's working for you?


  1. Thank you so much for your list. I'm doing the de-clutter thing. I think I will feel better and less confused too because I'm a visual person.

  2. Morning, Karen.

    We are like minds. I think you will feel better. I writing more in a soothing space.

  3. I agree with every point on your list! I have to make a conscious effort to invest in my relationships. I do that by making myself available.

  4. LaTonya, what a wonderful program. I feel an affinity for what you are trying to do. And I think it was your blog that reminded me to get to work on editing my work. Thank you!

  5. i agree completely. when i get organized with what i have to do, i.e. bills and correspondence and other personal infastructure, i feel better and more creative and i'm more productive. my wife and i and infant live in a small apartment and are currently de-cluttering yet again. always worth it:)
    very nice to meet you:)

  6. I feel clarity when my home (and mind) is clean and clutter-free. Today is NOT that day. And that's okay. Tomorrow may be. I get what you're doing ... with my increasing age, I crave simplicity.

  7. Barb, sorry I didn't respond sooner. Been off-line. We do change and I believe age is a factor. I wish we would stop saying age doesn't mattered. It's misused and so out of context of what my life really has been.

    Thanks for coming by.


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