Sunday, February 24, 2013

Living My Values, Part II

Part 1: Am I Currently Living Out My Values?
Now that you’re clear on what you really care about, you want to compare your values to how you’re currently living your life. For each value that you identified in your “Reset 10″, rate yourself from 1-10 on how you feel you’re acting out that particular value in your life. Be honest with yourself – it’s the only way to be able to improve upon the life you’re living now to the life you want to be living in the future!

Part 2: What Do My Values Look Like in Action?
For each value that you identified in your “Reset 10,″ list out at least three actions that you currently take or that you should be taking in order to honor and fulfill that value in your life. What kinds of things would you be doing if you were living in full accordance with your values? What would it really look like for you to be able to rate yourself as a “10″ on how you live out all your values?


I'm a social animal by nature so I gravitate towards anything about uplifting a group, organization or community. I thrive in a social setting. What's lacking is being more deeply involved, being consistent, learning to balance my desire for community and my need and obligation to others on a more intimate level. What needs to happen?

1) Setting priorities and limiting my activity to causes and groups that matter most to me.
2) Setting limits on how much time I'll commit to each group I participate in.
3) Reasssing honestly on a periodic basis if I need to leave a space or change my level of commitment.


Articulating how I see and act on truth at this moment would be babbling nonsense. What I do know is that I am not living up to what I think is my authentic self. I struggle being honest and clear with others about my boundaries and needs. What needs to happen?

1) Moving beyond of my fear of rejection and saying what I think and feel to those who matter to me because it with those closest to me that I fear rejection.
2) Acknowledge and celebrate small steps towards being more honest each time I step up.
3) Define what is my truth. This means in what I do and seeking out sources that help me articulate what truth is for me.


I'll start with personal freedom here. I want to the freedom to live what I love and that means writing, writing and getting paid for it, being self-employed. What needs to happen:

1) Get my finances in order
2) Learn from those who are doing it.
3) Create an exit plan from working for others and a plan for how to work for me.


I want less internal strife. I want peace of mind. I want to reduce self-induced stress. How do I get there?

1)Resume meditation
2) Create routines and habits that provide structure and stability
3) Eliminate the obivious stress magnets: negative people, unnecessary debt, failure to do what I committed to do. Do what I say I'm going to do.


Like community, I have an innate desire to serve. I want to give. I wan to feel I'm fulfilling my purpose. How do I get there?

1) Reduce the clutter in my life so I have the time and energy to serve
2) Define specific areas where or how I want to serve
3) Meet my own needs first so I am in a position to serve others.


  1. Namaskar!

    I'm almost scared to look at this with the focus it deserves. That means I'd have to look at myself with the same focus. It appears absolutely essential, however. I've just finished a 40 day prosperity-focused meditation/writing book, and it looks like this might be the next thing to choose. I like the questions and focus.

    Thank you so much for commenting on Dross, too. I'm glad you stumbled on it and I'm so happy to "meet" you!!

    Love and Light, Jean

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comments and I shall definitely be taking the time to browse around over here too!


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