Saturday, January 4, 2014

Resolution: Happy 2014

Morning friends, I hope 2014 is full of love, friends and poetry in this new year. I can think of no way better to start off Blogs Over Easy 2014 than to begin with poetry. 2013 was a year I reconnected with poets. If you think resolutions are a waste of time, lack creativity and inspiration, I argue you read the following entries. I think there is something here to make you reconsider the value of reflection, goal-setting and honoring your renewal.
At Imaginary Toads, Head Toad, Kerry challenged members to reflect on their resolutions, the year past and their desires for the new year. There is plenty of good reading here but for brevity only, I've chosen three entries:

Resolve by Fireblossom at Shay's Word Garden. Always honest, candid, often downright brutal, Shay has mastered the balance between art and our real world. There is no false shock gimmicks or worse over-sentimentality. Instead her work is open, raw and beautifully dark.

Solution by Grapleing. To write about relationships well, you first must be authentic, then skilled and not the least, compelling without screaming. Melodrama has been bled to death. Seriously, writing about our most intimate relationships is as difficult as writing erotica or love poetry. I'm a reader, people, trust me it's little wonder my eyes haven't been burned out by all the bad erotic and love crap I've suffered over the years. Back to the topic at hand, Grapeling is stellar. There are nuances in his work that make you sigh and nod, and good poetry does that- it in fact, affects you.

Unresolved by Kerry at Skylover. If craft matters to you, if you're a true poetry reader, this poet is a must-read. When I read Kerry, I want to read more, work harder, write better. I've been away from reading my favorites online but at rare moments, I read passages from published works, and I remember a key element of good poetry (and Kerry nails it): it speaks to you without shouting. Good poetry is subtle, mind-tingling. It takes hold of you before you realize you are enthralled, and when you become of aware of its pull, you relax, exhale. Sometimes you cry or laugh. In these moments you feel and feeling is no small feat when we live in a world in which we've taught ourselves to be numb so we can function in the chaos of our lives. 

There's nowhere left to go by Brian at Waystationone isn't part of the challenge but this work is linked by theme. Storyteller turned poet. Brian told me he wrote stories before poetry. His ability to weave a tale with keen insight, to spin magic out of our ordinary days is impressive. We are fortunate he chose to delve into poetry. I'm a regular reader among a huge fan base. In less than a year, I have had the pleasure of witnessing the storyteller-turned-poet explore style and craft. Every good writer seeks ways to stretch his ability to share a story. With Brian's work, there is not only a good story but the exploration of a writer.

What did you read this week? Drop a link with a brief description.

Happy 2014.

Be well,


  1. i bow humbly....
    thank you for the inclusion latonya...and happy new year to you...

    not a blog, but i have been exploring the poetry of matthew rohrer here of late...and Erika Meitner..she just released a new book "Makeshift Instructions for Vigilant Girls" that is a journey into womenhood...

  2. Ooooooo after looking at that "over easy" I feel decidedly hungry!

  3. oOoo, it's me! And two of my favorite fellow pond dwellers, too! Thanks, Latonya.

  4. Thank you for these kind words, LaTonya.

  5. :) Hiya Champ. Been offline for a few days, and glad to see this, and you, and three of my most favorite bloggerites on BOE. Screaming is overdone, isn't it? Cheers, and thank you ~


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