Monday, January 6, 2014


In a small city, three miles wide
we walk downtown paved

with cobblestones from the courthouse
to the corner of the ethnic grocer

at the edge of this cauldron
a small island bubbles over rich

a three mile radius where runaway slaves
found passage and we found home.

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  1. What a unique view taken from this photo..."a small island bubbles over rich" Love that!

  2. So cool to read about a place I have been!

  3. I like the history you have given this picture.

  4. ... and why I love New York, NY!! Perfect.

  5. nice nod to the history of the place you call home...
    it is rich of all the stories both in its history and in the people
    that live there now.

  6. Ooh, yes, so many hints at the wonderful history just waiting to be added to, with your own stories and experiences.

  7. nice take on the photo...freedom for some..home for another..bkm

  8. History and place as a bubbling cauldron is unique and active, and I feel it as nurturing and free. This is a place I would choose to live too.

  9. cool shot. cooler pen, made real and smacked hard in that final couplet. so glad to see you posting again, LaTonya. Missed you! ~

  10. Intriguing history hidden in these few lines.

  11. There's no cobble greater than a historic one! Enjoyable read.

  12. Well ..this reminds me of Old Spanish Trail..a cobbled brick of the oldest in North West Florida..aligned with Hwy 90 and rail road tracks..

    Feet traveled this path..rather than tires..for hundreds of years...

    Freedom to travel ..but endurance to make it there....

    But i guess... people were healthier over all back then...
    A little least what Truly makes my best estimation..

    Well..with that said..happy New Year ya..!
    It's gonna be..a great Year!

  13. …may we always remember those paths! I'm assuming this was a heavily Quaker area back in the day - and that the underground railroad played an important role? You write "and we found home" and can't help but wonder if you trace your history back to this? Glad to see you posting again! Hope all is well.


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