Sunday, September 29, 2013

Strut my stuff

I would like stand upon stilts
and ask her about the stars and moon
and the stuff dreams are made up.

Not really. Actually, I'd like to ask who does her hair
and how she keeps her balance in this crazy
spinning world.

I'd like to ask if I could brush a few stars from her
hoop ( won't ask about the corsette; I enjoy breathing

With my hands, I'd brush the glitter across my hair
and eyelashes. I'd smile and strut my old badass off
proud in my 12 foot high stilettos.

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  1. What an interesting imagination.. and 12 feet stilettos sounds hard to stutter with,

  2. ha....12 foot stilettos...i would have a beast of a time getting around on those...
    def think she must have been a dancer for that kind of balance....imagine the stain
    on the calves as well....i def would not mind a few stars if she can spare them...

  3. proud in my 12 foot high stilettos.
    lovely imagination . the stilts are extensions of stilettos.

  4. those are stilettos.... tough to keep balance...smiles...i like that you mention her hair and yeah...i would love to brush a few stars from her hoop as well...

  5. Neat inventory and imagination.

  6. Those would be really high heels! Who does her hair is anybody's guess. They use a lot of oil on it though. Great take on this subject.

  7. Love, love, love your shoes. And your write is very fanciful.

  8. from dreamy to practical :) and everyone knows high heels make the legs look GREAT!


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