Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Writer's Writer: The joy of writing

Welcome to Blogs Over Easy. Every Saturday, I feature a couple of blogs that stood out during my week-long blog hopping. This weekend it's all about prose. There are so many good blogs and not enough time to read them. Over the summer, I found writing challenges and prompts to be good sources for finding new
blogs worth reading. At one site, that is fairly popular, I discovered some really good writers. Today, I want to link to an exceptional one. You wouldn't discover her based on voting though, voting is about popularity more than it is about quality writing. That's not a swipe at winning entries rather I am arguing that even on writing sites, readers support who they like and not necessarily the best written piece.

Anyhoo, I don't rely on what's popular but the writing, and I enjoy the search for quality work. This week, I'm featuring two bloggers who deserve more traffic than they are currently getting. Check out:

Sugar and blood
Jean M. Curio at The Flunked Adjunct's is regularly overlooked at a popular writing site. The name of her site drew me first because I went to college. I was the young woman who went for the education not the degree. If you love the power of words and stellar writing, check out this writer. She is brilliant and she has a wicked sense of humor. Read her. You'll be glad you did.

A man jumped out, glanced at Bub’s twisted body and ran his hands back and forth over his hair, as if erasing the image.

Mikey watched Bub’s eyes go blank and whispered, “He’s dead,” more to himself than the man.

Cover that in plastic, and put it in the fridge
Ken at Ken-inatractor is farmer and a writer. My first read was about hay. I'm a city girl, not into farming and know didly squat about hay, but Ken's style and humor had me, and was I mindlessly chewing while I was reading? When a blog on hay is interesting, well I say you write well. Check out Ken. He's friendly and he'd be happy to talk with you.

It's sort of like covering that plate of left-overs with plastic wrap and putting it in the fridge to save for a later date. maybe, say.....7 years from now? Except, my plastic wrap is 350 feet long and 50 feet wide.

What are your thoughts on writing challenges and voting? Tell us about a blog that blew you away this week. Drop a link and brief description. Would love to hear from you.

Happy blog hopping,


  1. Wow, thank you so much! I started this blog over the summer as a way to motivate myself to write at least once or twice per week. Writing is what I love. It is my sanity and my soul. Unfortunately, when work is exhausting and the grading piles up, writing is usually the first item to be pushed off my agenda as expendable. A non-priority. After all, writing doesn't pay the bills. Knowing there are people out there (besides my family and close friends, who are apparently threatened on pain of death to tell me I am amazing) who actually enjoy my blog and find merit in my writing means the world to me. Like you, I have found so many wonderful blogs that I wish I had the time to read faithfully. Yours is one of those. I love your craving for community and conversation and authenticity. Why can't someone out there just create a job called 'Professional Blog Reader'? They could pay me in spaghettios, peanut butter and cat food and I would take that position in a heartbeat...

    1. Ah, friend we could share the peanut butter and my kitty would devour the cat food. We don't refuse food. You are amazing, and I want to shout about what I found by reading your blog. Teachers should be revered, too. :-)

  2. Last night, I swathed canola until 3 am. So when I woke up this morning, tired and groggy, the 2nd thing I did was discover your link, and the kind words you had to say. (the 1st thing was to smile at my wife.)

    My cousin, who I wrote about recently, and who is much wiser than I am, taught me exactly what to do in a situation like this. Don't ramble, or gush, or go on and on about how happy I am to be noticed like this. Just simply say thank you.

    So, Thank you. (and I'm really really pleased!)

    1. I'm glad you're pleased. Your work makes me smile. Looking forward to reading more.


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