Saturday, August 31, 2013

Poets hold the lifeline

Welcome back to Blogs Over Easy. The latter part of summer held a somersault of changes for me, but I'm still in one piece and breathing easier as we move into fall, my favorite season. Changes in my work schedule has curtailed my reading time but the voracious reader always finds a way.
I don't know about you but after challenging life adventures I looking for retreat, a balm of words to comfort. My first path is always to art, especially poetry. Linking a couple of works that remind me why I love writing. If you have any favorites reads of the week, please share. On to the links:

Perfect Score by K. Dillman at She Whose Name Shall Be A Blog
an unexpected take on a prompt about bowling. Always solid and skillful writing in this space.

Take the pillow from your head and put a book in it by Brian at waystation one
Brian is a master storyteller whose daily slices are always spot on. Here though, we get another view and it is fantastic. This is a testament of the power of reading and honing your craft. The read is also sensual and wicked just like my friend. If you have only one friend in cyberspace, Brian is the man. His support is unwavering.

Edges by Grapling
M's writing is always compelling, deliberate, memorable. He's my cosmic brother, my unofficial critic/mentor. He plain rocks and I wish I could tell him how connecting with him has enriched my life and my writing.

What rocked your world this week? Drop a link and a brief description.

Happy blog hoppin'



  1. awww....see now you made my day...smiles. an honor to be among the others...M is great and i have yet to meet the other...hmmm....

  2. Oh wow, I'm big fat nobody. Let me go check out the bowling the great grape.

  3. Heck, i would have picked you too, Shay. :) LaTonya, I'm grateful for the shout out and am always a click away anytime you want. Brian is the bomb, and I'm looking forward to reading K Dillman. Cheers! ~ M

    1. and, not just by the way, your writing ROCKS.

    2. Stay tune. How could I write these and Shay not be in the mix? Thank you Gman.

    3. No doubt :). Hopped over to K Dillman's. - Thanks for the heads up - fluid and vivid writing.


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