Saturday, August 3, 2013

Midlifers Do It Better

It's been an interesting summer. I've enjoyed an extended time off from my part-time gig, youngest graduated from high school and Black and Gray is humming nicely. 

Down side is our kitty is ill and this is likely her last summer, and I am addressing some medical issues of my own. Mister and I are grateful that my health is manageable. I'm thankful that I have health coverage and the resources to be off from work. No surprise what I've been doing between doctor appointments: writing and reading.

Black and Gray is a platform to celebrate the middle years. I got in some fine reading this week. Highly recommend this short list of goodies. Please direct me to other bloggers who write with a midlife focus or their work reflects the experiences and perspective of those of us enjoying this stage in our lives. Check out:

“When he speaks” at Angie Inspired

I think we midlife bloggers need to step up our game when it comes to writing about intimacy and love. Let our children tell it, we don't giggle, flirt, fall in love again, and Maude knows we don't have sex. Well, I have my radar up. When I find work that celebrates our loving, I'm going to shout about it.

“ Dropped Button” at my cyber house rules

Okay, so there was a particular night when I was rather vocal and my youngest overheard me. The next day, she told me that it's gross that old people still do 'it.' Well, yeah, we still do 'it'. I'm always on the look out for work that celebrates sex between old folks. Let me know what you got. In the meantime, get the chocolate covered strawberries and put on your man's shirt.

“A convenant of wings” at That's Mrs. Mediocrity to you

If you older, you won't think it odd that I include a work on mortality in the same post about love and sex. Maybe I'm the odd duck, but now that I'm older I think more about both.

Tell me how you get your groove on. Drop those links and comments.

Happy blog hoppin'


  1. Thanks for the links LaTonya ~ I wish I have more time for writing as my work bites a large chunk of it ~

    We are enjoying the long weekend here ~ I hope you are too~

  2. hey i know a few of those...marie and kelly....have yet to meet angie but have pulled up her page and will look at it here in a bit...did you know marie used to be a roller derby joke...shes tough...

  3. oh and sad on kitty...we lost our older one this last december...

    1. Yeah, trying to brace myself but that doesn't really happen right? Thanks.

  4. Good luck, Tonya- it is so hard with all aging (especially ourselves.) K .

  5. I'm sorry it took me so long to get over here to say thank you! Your kindness is much appreciated.

    We lost our oldest kitty earlier this year as well, 18 years. It's so hard. But we gave her a good life and that is the best you can do.

    xoxo and thanks again!


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