Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Marked V: Tictoc

“Don't be a smartass. We're going to hunt. You do know how to hunt, right?”

She can't keep that blade always strapped to her. When I have the chance sans the blade, I'm going to slap the wench.

"Of course I can hunt. I am part of the Order."

She looked behind her, “Well, you coming?”  Marked IV

Took almost a quick jog to catch up with her. She was swift, quiet, efficient. She lay only one trap. I questioned if that were wise, but I kept my opinion to myself. She covered the trap with leaves. With a short blade she cut up fresh honeycrisps from a nearby tree. We hid behind a fallen log. Soon a young pug appeared. Dumb animal went straight for the fruit. One huff in and it was snared but she ate so greedily that before she realized it the trap enclosed her. She squealed a bit, startled more than frightened. Quickly, Phantom closed in. She craddled the animal in one arm and with the other she slit its throat with a one clean stroke. Death was quick and painless. I was impressed and thought Her humane. She positioned the animal on her side to drain the blood on a cloth she pulled from her satchel. It didn't take long. We dug a hole, buried the stained rag lest the flabby ground leeches found their way to it. Leeches feeding, the stench the least of offenses, would invite other more worrisome creatures so it was best to leave the scene clean. We tied up the pug and carried it back to the cavern.

“Find a stick sturdy enough for a spit. I'll collect wood for the fire.”

We worked silently and quickly. Once the pug was roasting, she spoke.

“While we wait, I'll tell you about your mother, Cebill. Your mother is Azek as you know. Your mother was always uncomfortable with her class and privilege. Still, you are shaped by your people and like most Azeks she is proud, arrogant and stubborn. Your grandmother would argue stubborness is not an Azek trait. Anyhoo, when your mother was a girl just about the age approaching her rite of passage, she decided to let her short coily hair grow. She put juju oil in it and twisted small pods all over her head. Your grandmother was furious. Your grandfather was indifferent. He said she was only a child acting out as all young people do. Well, that was the first of her acting out.

When it was time for University, your mother announced she would study anthropology and not sciences, politics or history as were the traditional courses for middle class women. Your mother and grandmother had a huge fight. Your grandfather tried to persuade your grandmother to give the girl some space. She wouldn't listen. She grabbed your mother violently by the arm and dragged her off for a private, heated argument. When they were done, your mother emerged even more indignant, defiant.

Your grandfather thought Cebill's behavior no different from the tumultuous relationship his wife and daughter had had since the girl was about six but he was wrong. What your grandmother told your mother that day rocked your mother's world. That day your grandmother told your mother she was Tictoc."


“Ah, dinner is ready. We'll eat. Then more.”

Every Wednesday, Thom posts three words. This week: indignant, flabby, stench. Join us.


  1. ooh interesting start we need more of this appealing story.

  2. Start? We're on part V, Sheilagh. :-)

  3. sorry I do not know how that comment got there this what I meant to post

    I was truly excited and interested to find she was a Tictoc and that there is more to this captivating story.Great work LaTonya

  4. Cool. There is more though I fear if readers will stay with me to find out. Thank you.

  5. Nicely done. I've got you set up on my new blog reader so I can keep up!

  6. Morning Ann, I enjoy your work, too. I'm following the story and I need to catch up on past chapters. I fondly remember your band series.

  7. There is always something appealing about feisty women characters. Discovering the strange world that goes with her is a bonus. It is good to go on an adventure with you.

  8. OK, this is a funny line, LaTonya: "Your grandmother would argue stubborness is not an Azek trait."

    This is a fantastic cliff-hanger. Can't wait.

  9. M, yeah, I was lauhging when I thought about it. I hope I'm not wearing the cliff-hangers thin but I let the episode end in a way that feels natural to me. Next installment borrows from another modern fantasy. My aim has been to see if I can successfully mix sci-fi and modern fantasy. I'm glad you're following because it keeps me encouraged.

    Thank you.

  10. I love the details, your story is so rich and vivid, in so few words you convey so much. You have really brought this world to life. I wish this was a movie because I really want to watch it (outside of my own head)!


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