Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Phone allergy

I talk for a living. When I’m not working, sorry I’m not interested in talking on the phone. In fact, I have a serious aversion to using it.
One, I’m jaded, critical of what I have observed: most of the time, the person on the other end of the line is more interested in talking rather than listening. Two, people incessantly talk on a phone but routinely ignore or dismiss those within their physical space.

A bigger issue is the safety hazard. I have had to wait or move out of the way of people talking on their phones while driving. I sidestep people talking or texting while walking in a public walkway. I sit in restaurants and I’m surrounded by people sitting in booths texting or talking on their phones instead of actually having a conversation with the person they are sharing a meal with. If we eat together, there is no phone.

At my part-time gig, we’ve been trained how to acknowledge guests while not intruding or invading their spaces because they walk in the store with a phone attached to their ear or they’re talking on their phone while we’re ringing up their purchases.  I hate overhearing folks’ conversations on the bus or in line at the bank. Really?! I don’t want to hear the intimate or the inane details of your life.

I have under pressure, bought cell phones a few times over the years. Never can remember to carry the thing, keep it on or check messages. My family eventually gave up and stopped calling. If they really want to talk, they call the house phone and leave a message. Pathetic I know but I confess I’m not likely to change. When I really want to talk or feel guilty enough to be a good daughter/mom, I call.

Any peeves of your own? Got a confession you're willing to share?


  1. I'm not ready to confess because I would enter into an unceasing spouting of cynicalness.Ugh! The human condition of carelessness and uncaring.

    I do have a phone that is used to transfer my e-mails from my laptop when I'm not at home. I, like yourself, also disdain the culture of the same issues you spoke about in your 'confessions'.


  2. Morning Marco,

    Good to hear I'm not alone. :-)

  3. You are so not alone. After 30 years of corporate I hate talking on a phone. And for many reasons that you've stated in your blog posting. People just don't care anymore. Does that mean we're from the old school? I wouldn't carry a cell phone now if it wasn't for my aging parents. Thanks for dropping in on my blog. Just to answer your question...not a pagan or a wiccan...just a big believer in the universe! :)

  4. My husband actually gets just a bit grumpy when the phone rings. Cracks me up.

  5. We don't even have a landline anymore. For the most part, I do not like talking on the phone. I mostly use my cell phone for emails and texts, or talking to my husband, Bill. Being an over-the-road trucker, our cell phones are our main connection. I am thankful for that!


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