Saturday, July 20, 2013

Can I get a gown with a zipper, please?

In the dog days of summer, I found myself laid up in a hospital bed. I went in for a bone marrow biopsy (someone grinding into your tailbone isn't the joy you imagine). It went fine. It was leaving the hospital when things got loopy.
Call it perfect storm: lingering medication, heat, fluctuating blood pressure. Yeah. Me slumped in a wheelchair, whisked to ER, backside inevitably exposed and hours passed before I was assigned a bed. Enough of my hospital adventure. Well not quite- it's impossible to comment on your Kindle when the freakin' IV needle is pinching the crook of the arm you use to write.

Still, I could read and read I did. This week, read quite a bit of prose. Poets please don't take offense. You know my heart belongs to you, but a gal likes words, all manner of them. Found some cool communities including Studio30, Trifecta, 100 Words and Write on Edge. If you like to connect with prose rabble rousers, check these good people out.

Two impressive stories to whet your appetite:

Flotsam” at Marlowe manor

Hit the Sky” at Kallan Annie

So what's shaking in your world, good people? Drop a link. Not getting any love, drop your own link.

Happy blog hoppin',


  1. OW OW OW OW OW!! I hope the biopsy reveals good, rather than bad things, and I really hope you don't have to have this kind of trouble to get reading time in the future!! I mean, blogging is great, but hospitalization is probably taking it a little far!!

  2. Sorry for your pain and discomfort LaTonya. I do hope you are feeling better.

  3. i am glad you have come out the other side of it latonya...and i hope the results come out just as well...yikes...scary stuff, you know...mmm yeah need something to erase the thought of the grinding tailbone, just saying...smiles.

  4. -Hope you are well. :)

    Glad you can still write!

    Feel better. xx

  5. Urgh, how miserable for you, not to mention frightening. I hope you're okay now, and that they (the magical "they" of the hospital brigade) have managed to find out what was wrong.

    LaTonya, I can't begin to tell me how happy it made me to see the second half of this post. I'm trying to be all cool and nonchalant about it, like people mention my stories in their blogs all the time, but they DON'T! And I can't be cool about it when my feet want to execute happy dances on the coffee table! Thank you!

    1. You're welcome. I believe in openly and actively supporting artists. Your work merits recognition. Dance girl. Just keep in mind a lotta folks don't know me, but those who do read here will read where I hang out.

  6. I hope you are feeling better LaTonya! A bone marrow biopsy ouch I sympathize and I hope everything turns out well. I am sending you cyber hugs and positive vibes

  7. Thank you all, I'm fine, honestly. I'm black and according to doctorr. Blacks and Asians often register lower white blood cell counts so that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Seriously, she doesn't expect any surprises but wanted to be thorough.


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