Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Backpacking In Style

Welcome to another edition of Confession Tuesday. Nothing earth-shattering this week, but in keeping with this weekend post on fashion, I have confession: I'm a backpack girl. I realize backpacks, particularly the K-Mart special I wore for a couple (poo brown, small more suitable for a shy 10 year-old girl) years is not an appropriate accessory for a grown woman.

Well, this grown woman rides the bus and I have stuff: workout clothes, shoes, books, Kindle, food, umbrella and wallet. Often I have errands and a backpack is convenient and useful. You can shove a few items picked up at Walgreen’s in your backpack and walk more than a mile home without constantly shifting bag and purse. Sweaty and fatigued after a workout, a backpack is a welcome load to haul home.

Despite the flack I got from family and the gentler teasing from friends about my backpack, it took getting a job in retail before I became self-conscious about my ugly poo bag. A great employee discount helped, too, and so I upgraded to a couple of oversized shoulder bags.

While I do like my grown gal bags I still I haven't been able to shake my desire for a stylish bag I can strap to my back.Thanks to Lisa (at Privilege), I can have my
pack and be stylish, too.
Check out the Duluth bag.  This is no K-Mart blue light special. The price does make me dizzy, but I now know there are options. I'm on the hunt. I will have my bag and not at full price. If you have recommendations, please let me know.

In the meantime, any confessions of your own? Do you have any fashion quirks or own odd personal articles that have your family and friends threatening to submit your name to “What Not to Wear”?

If you want to participate in Confession Tuesday, drop your link or simply comment. Love to hear from you.


  1. nice..pretty cool bag...i carry a satchel bag but mine has a nice hole int he corner now from about 8 years of wear...i am on the hunt as well to find a new one...
    i love riding the bus too...so many people all moving in a direction for a moment...

  2. A birthday or two ago, my mother-in-law gave me this cute little Coach bag. When my 15 year old niece saw me with it, she said, "Is that a Coach bag? You seem more like a duffle bag person." Yeah, she was right.

  3. LaTonya, my guilty what-not-to-wear pleasure is a 30 year old black sweatshirt that belonged to a dishonorable man I once dated. Been there, done that--got the sweatshirt. Love your thoughtful posts!

  4. No shame in being a backpacker. We all have stuff to lug; especially, if you have work papers and supplies, clothes, lunch, etc. I walk home every day from my school so, a backpack fits in. I'm long past the point of worrying about making style statements. Practical is my new sexy. Sad but, true. What can I tell ya!? :)

  5. Yep, I'm a backpacker too! Roaming NYC you've got to be prepared for anything and everything!

  6. After failing to find a backpack I liked, I settled for a messenger bag. I agree that the Duluth bag is stylish!

  7. Nice bag. When I travel I always carry a backpack stuffed with everything I can think of.


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