Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Marked Part II: The Phantom

Part I

She's evil, sending me here. So maybe I pulled Priya's tail one time too many and yes, I haven't memorized the entire Tao. Why does she insist we digest it anyway and ...”

“How long are you going to whine? It's clear why Matron sent you.”

“What! Who said that? Where are you? Show yourself?”

“Nads! You are hilarious. I suspect though your antics don't get a chuckle out of Matron.”

“This isn't real. There's no one here. I'm going mad. I'm hearing voices. Frack, Matron, please retrieve me. I promise, I'll leave the cat alone, I'll...

Stepping from the shadows, she stood, a smart smirk on her face. I'd like to reach out and slap it off, but the glistening blade, straddled across her breast gave me pause. How had she just a moment ago been eneveloped in darkness, and now she stood there, not much taller than the length of that blade, that ugly, meanacing, serrated edge blade with points like a beast's ragged teeth?

Every week, Thom posts 3 words. This week: evil, chuckle and serrated. This is part II of a story I'm writing. I take my cue from the words and go with it. Join us at 3WW.


  1. dang. very nice. you set the tension, give me plenty of questions...nice work on the dialogue as well...

  2. I wonder whether Nads will ever learn her lesson. However from the sound of the company there a bit of a feisty spirit may come in useful...if she survives.

  3. Nice and interesting!! It keeps one wondering!! Awaiting for more!!

  4. Very suspenseful makes me want more.

  5. Cant wait to read where it is headed... Nice write-up LaTonya.

  6. I agree with Brian the tension and the dialogue are fantastic


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