Saturday, June 15, 2013


Welcome to Blogs Over Easy. Every Saturday, you'll find reviews and links to a few reads I enjoyed during the week. Some of you know that recently I was robbed and my Kindle was stolen so my reading time was curtailed some. This week, got a bigger, lovely new Kindle, and I'm happy to report that I have resumed my daily reading ritual during my morning commutes.
My reading is all over the place so who knows what I'll feature from week to week. What's the going trend with BOE is a short blog that usually involves poetry and food which even a new reader would learn on a first visit are favorite subjects.

On the menu today:

Midlife Bloggers
is chock full about all things well, midlife. The layout is a bit overwhelming for me but there is often a blog that makes me laugh or pause so I visit often enough. I read a blog by Vickie Hughes that had me rolling. Check out "My Husband, My Ass & Our Nighttime Ritual".

"I bring all this up to discuss one of my quirks, which is Undie Adjustment. When I get into bed at night, I like to sleep in either a light t-shirt or a nightie and my undies. He’s a commando guy. For the last twenty-eight years he has attempted to persuade me to do likewise, usually with a thinly veiled concern for my comfort, “You’d be so much cooler!” Uh huh."

Look For A Lovely Thing
Lolly epitomizes the beauty and serenity many of us seek in living a minimalist life. Her poetry is soothing, a balm I have come to reach for just because. She writes short forms which I love. Today's choice is here.

I don't visit often enough and I'm going to change that because each time I visit, I gain something. This week, Aimee has a guest blogger, Dana Dupont talking about her experience with essential oils.

“As I began working with these essential oils and the doTERRA community, I met healers leading healthy lives and embracing healthy relationships. I began to mimic what they do, and read what they read.  With this support, I began to heal...”

Have you read anything that rocked your world or simply made you laugh? Drop a link and a brief description.

Be well.


  1. That sucks that your Kindle was stolen! Must check out some of tes links. From time to time, I like to visit 9Gag.That site has quick funnies on it that make me laugh.

  2. Thank you so much for the link and the kind comments :) New post coming out tomorrow: The Pool Float Flounder, A Workout for Lazy People. I hope you stop by and take a peek, and get a chuckle.


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