Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blogs Over Easy: The Poets

Welcome to Blogs Over Easy. It's been a few weeks  and my stat counter says folks are reading this feature, but few are commenting. Any suggestions or directions are greatly appreciated.

If it isn't clear, I'm a reader. I read far more poetry than I write. I used to say I was going to write more and maybe I will, for now I'd like to direct you to real talent:

Claudia just blows my mind. I read her more than I comment, and I should comment more because she really rocks my world. Don't believe me? Read here.

dVerse poetry community is a welcome haven for me. It reminds me when I was younger and ran a community (a full-time second job). If you belong to a writers' community you should know the admins commit insane amounts of time and energy to supporting their members. One admin, Brian is a consummate community poet. He's prolific yet he manages to read and support a large number of aspiring poets and other bloggers. He is kind, funny and a great dad. If you want to read good poetry from a regular guy (that's a compliment), read Brian at wayonestation

I like real, candid and the not-happy-ending kind of contemporary poetry. I don't like over-the-top, trying too hard to shock me shyte, just authentic experiences weaved with a poet's needle. I get that from Lauri Kolp. If you like what I like or interested in why I'm drawn to this kind of work spend some time at Laurie's Bird's-Eye Gemini.

If you've read something that moved you, inspired you, informed you, drop a link.

Happy blog hopping,


  1. You have created a fantastic list. There are some very talented people in the garden here and many who stop by to share some amazing poetry...and La Toya you are one of them. :)

  2. I'm flattered to have made your list, LaTonya! Thanks so much!

  3. Susie, oh, I'm a fan of the garden. You expect to see some toads feautered soon. Suggestions?

    Thanks for the compliment.

  4. Laurie, I swore off impulse and mindless spending, but books, poetry collection are neither. When available, please sign me a copy or two and of course, I'll pay for them first.

  5. big grin...what a treat...i am on break at the festival and you just made my day...i might even puff my chest out my next trip up on stage..ha...seriously, thanks for the grins...

    and you are right its a second job some days...ha....

  6. oh this made me smile..thanks so is a lot of work but also so rewarding as well...thanks tonya..

  7. ...woot... woot... & woot... def three of my fave / admired poets online... they showcased different styles & appeal to readers & i am glad to see them get noticed here... what a fab choices La Tonya... smiles...

    1. ...a li'l suggestion... i have popped in over your BOE page & it looked empty... you might want to update it by linking your post re: this topic over at that page so it will get archived & people will get to find it easy to read who you featured at here... smiles...

  8. Ack! Forgot about that. Thanks, Kelvin.

  9. Done. Forgot about the page and I typically link using tags. Ah, old age. In 20 years or so, you might relate to that, Kelvin. Glad you helped me out. :-)

  10. Hey, I'm a friend of many of the commenters. LaTonya turned me on to your site. I am a huge fan of all on your list. I've mentioned to Brian several times that he must have clones, because his comments appear everywhere. Ev.'Ry.Where. It's amazing how productive he is. Claudia is a freeform wonder; Laurie captures such delicacies of the human heart...

    As a poet, they have all helped me grow, and that includes LaTonya, Kelvin, Suzy, the cast and characters at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads, and all the prompters who challenge us.

    Humbly, Amy Barlow Liberatore


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