Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bathroom poetry

Before I see the sunrise
I close the bathroom door
and I'm bathed in bamboo
and stones and Padasana,
a lovely girl covered in strips
of black and white and shadow.

I pull back a curtain on my morning
turn the candlelit handle and listen-
a wet prayer whispered just for me.

Steam seduces all thoughts into swirls that
pool at my feet and my lower back
curls poised in practice, a hold as natural
as breathing I exhale

while the spout hums I linger
twenty minutes
eyes closed

all thoughts swirl in a pool at my feet
I'm bathed in light
poised in practice
smiling at my yogi
dressed in strips
of black and white and shadow.

written for dverse prompt- bathroom poetry
linked to Poets United


  1. Oh, this sounds like such a wonderful way to begin your day! Really like the idea of:

    "all thoughts swirl in a pool at my feet
    I'm bathed in light......."

  2. Pretty great! k.

  3. loved the whispered prayer - a beautiful write - K

  4. a wet prayer whispered just for that how you turn this on its head a bit there in the end...bathed in light...and letting everything swirl to your feet...nice response...

  5. For me, reading this is like a prayer or a lead=in to meditation. I find those moments to be gifts.

  6. bathed in bamboo
    and stones and Padasana..nice...i love how you give this such a meditative feel..ah..nice..

  7. This has a lovely serenity about it.

  8. I really enjoyed the imagery and "music" about this piece.

  9. Claudia, my DH recently gave my bathroom a redo. He didn't want to but he did. It is Zen inspired. I took my inspiration from the aesthetics and how I feel about the space.

  10. Brian, thank you. Claudia really is the one to thank. Her prompt and own piece inspired this.

  11. Years ago, I attended Quaker meeting and there is a serenity about our quiet listening. DH has introduced me to Zen and Buddhism. I think what many are hearing how these ways of life affect me.

    Thank you all very much. I stopped writing for years. This is a welcome homecoming.

  12. Wonderful way to bathe... Love that all the thoughts are washed away... ;-)

  13. Mmm...that's the way to do it. Loved the dappled light of your black and white shadows.

  14. What a wonderful bathroom...I love bamboo...sounds like such a tranquil start to the day..lovely.

  15. a friend of mine invited me for coffee in Pasadena. sounds like i shoulddrink a lot so i can enjoy the bathroom as much as you do

    high tech toilet power

  16. It's a wonderful cleansing ritual, La Tonya! Everything washed away and with the fun thrown in. Nicely!


  17. ...ah, for some reasons your meditative bathing ritual gives me a picture of javanese women... i really like the gentleness of your approach with a bit mix of mysticism.... loved it... & my favourite of yours so far... smiles...

  18. I have for so long longed to have a bamboo forest across the side the photo, love the poem and ADORE the line across the top of your banner.....such leaps ARE glorious. I made a similar one myself in mid-life and am about to make another, cane and all!

  19. Kelvin, thank you very much. I confess, I didn't think first, I felt it and edited very little. I experienced it a little like a mediation, calm and soothing.

    Sherry, I felt lost when I began here. Today, I very much love the view. Thank you.

    My bathroom is a shade of bamboo, a favorite color. As a teen, I had an actual bed made of bamboo. My cousin had been in the navy and sent several pieces back to the U.S.

  20. Is it allowed to have a tiny bit of coffee & cream before all of this? :) Really, though, this is a lovely, descriptive poem of making time for the serene.


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