Saturday, May 18, 2013

Blogs Over Easy

Welcome to Blogs Over Easy. Every Saturday, you'll find reviews and links to a few reads I enjoyed during the week. This is not representative of how much I read online (I'm not going to publicly share how much time I spend surfing; I'm a recovering blogoholic). 

Anyhoo, I don't have a set format. I'll let the feature organically evolve. What you can expect are posts that have fed me, made me feel full and happy. Here are my inaugural blogs:

I created B&G to help me define who and what I wanted in this stage in my life, and what I wanted most was a connection with peers, women who are redefining themselves in their middle years. I found my way to Jean's, Dross into gold while looking for fashion blogs for mature women. Her fashion is lovely but her ideas about transformation, empowerment and creating our own happiness is what resonates with me most. This week I reread A Bill of Rights.

Recently found my way to Purple pen in portland. When I visited  this poetry blog, I randomly chose poems. It was like throwing a dart blindfolded and hitting the bullseye every time. Sara's poems make me sigh- again. If you enjoy a poet who clearly reads as much as she writes, stop by purple pen in portland.

For those who don't know, I work part-time in retail fashion. In my former life, I was also very active in women and feminist communities. This means I have plenty to say about body image and so does Sally at Already Pretty. This week I read Try It On. Sally has it goin' on with this post.

What inspires you? Who are the bloggers who make you laugh, inform you, remind you you are not alone? Please do share links to specific blog posts.

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  1. I can't believe I'm just now seeing this!! i know you gave me a heads up, and I thought I checked in to say thank you, but somehow I missed it!! So here is a tragically late THANK YOU!! I've been working backwards through your posts and just came to this one.

    It's such a pleasure to have a quiet moment to be able to go back and appreciate the loveliness of this blog. I had to smile a bit when I heard you say that the DH was needing "his" time. Sometimes I struggle to carve out my blogging time, especially since it's not really understood by my sweetheart, who loves to think out loud. We've both compromised, though, and it seems to be working. :-)


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