Sunday, May 12, 2013

sunday musing

sitting together
bound by expectant waiting
light streaming within

carpe diem #251:mystical.
Join us.


  1. Your words remind me of a Friends Meeting for Worship.

    Mystical Murmurs

    1. It is. I belonged to a wonderful Meeting.

  2. That light really can be quite mystic ;-)

  3. I think so. Quaker worship is the most serene worship I've ever experienced. The sense of connectedness is healing and sacred. I don't pretend to know much about mysticism, but I know there is a realm, an experience I find hard to define.

  4. Your last line can have so many beautiful interpretations. Beautiful haiku. I don't worship per se as I have no religion. But I have felt internal connectedness with others that is palpable.

  5. This is really a haiku full of mysticism. Nicely crafted ... with that photo it makes a wonderful haiga (haiku + picture)

  6. Very beautifully described. I love the expectant waiting followed by the light! :)


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