Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blogs Over Easy

Saturday, I'm introducing an old feature I've enjoyed writing in the past, Blogs Over Easy, a review of blogs I've enjoyed during the week. On Saturday mornings, I grind my own beans, make myself a cup of coffee in my french press and surf leisurely while everyone else is sleeping.Often after reading a bit, I'm inspired to write.

If you haven't notice the food motif here, you will. I love eating and reading and writing. Saturday morning is a good time.

My passions and interests are wide. I am always connecting with amazing people and art online. The last few weeks at B&G feel like home. I've made new friends, found some great reads, and I'm on a new path. I don't know where I'm going so I can't tell you what you can expect in my installments except that I'll be sharing what has fed me, making feel full and happy.

Thanks Jean for the inspiration to resume a part of a routine that enriched me. Thank you all for coming by. Sit a spell. I love spending time with you.


  1. I like this. I like it alot

    Dina (causerie.typepad.com)

  2. Welcome, Dina. Looking forwrd to chatting. Will check out your space. Thanks for coming by.


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