Saturday, May 25, 2013

Blogs Over Easy

Welcome to Blogs Over Easy. Every Saturday, you'll find reviews and links to a few reads I enjoyed during the week. Expect some rambling, too and let's hope it makes sense to someone other than me.

My weekend began with shopping with kidlet for a prom dress at the eleventh hour (she vehemently said she wasn't going to prom). We found a very cute, discounted beauty (there's something to be said for last minute shopping at least when you're talking prom). Thank Maude she is the youngest. I'm done.

Daughter always reminds me I'm old. No argument here. If old means I'd rather be reading, writing, eating and laying up under DH, I'm old. This week's installment is off-cuff so I can get to the last diddy on my list. Mr. Man is patiently waiting for his 'me time'.

If you care about what you eat, who is growing what you eat, food politics, supporting small farmers and community, check out Brown Girl Farming. I haven't seen the film yet. Definitely on my list.

Let's stay in the commuity and activist vein with a glosa written by Akila at Novel Ideas. This morning I discovered Sarojini Naidu, Indian poet and activist. In my apartment complex, more than forty percent of my neighbors are Indian. My own views and life choices have been informed by women who made a difference so little wonder why this poet and poem speaks to me.

A glosa is a poem, a tribute to a poet using a section of the subject's work as the basis for the glosa.

My work and mood is hugely influenced by what I see. Everyday I visit Be Yourself because Beth is amazing. Love this woman's work. I get my fill everyday. On my back, oh my. If you appreciate any good photographer's gift and wouldn't mind a slice of one artist's honest reflections on life, visit Beth. On your first visit, you'll know why I'm there daily.

I hope you surround yourself with those you love and that you are safe this weekend.

Be well,


  1. We went to have the fitting for Darling Daughter's prom dress this week-end and I have to say it was a lot more fun than I anticipated :-)

  2. Thank you LaTonya for linking me up here! :)

  3. A, I'm not a big shopper and my DD's taste and mine are polar opposites. lol Glad to hear you had a good time.

    Akila, it was my pleasure. Thank you.

  4. your words, your kindness....well, you pretty much blew me away. thank you so much for visiting me enough to love me and share me with your readers. you are a doll to be cherished !!!

  5. Beth, mean every word. It is my joy to share your blog with others. Thank you.


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