Saturday, April 27, 2013

Unexpected vacation, yoga and midlife wanderings

Three years ago, I dropped a significant amount of weight. Loved the weight loss but it created a dilemma: nothing to wear. My mother suggested applying to a nearby retailer. I was apprehensive but I applied anyway and got the job. Didn't take long to rediscover my fashion gene.

 I've enjoyed my part-time and during my time there, I've learned more about what I like, what looks good on me and feeling good overall about my body. Definite plus of this stage in my life: I'm comfortable in my skin. I've also learned I'm good at helping other women feel and look good, too. Now the and....the day after Mother's Day our store will shut done for renovation. We'll be off for an extended period because our landlord is making exterior changes as well. While it's exciting to know we'll return to a lovely, new store, I felt a range of emotions to the initial news. New store means not working and not working means a decrease in income. While my work there is not my primary source of income it is the income I depend on for guilt-less shopping, additional savings and entertainment. It didn't take long to quell my anxiety by reminding myself of all the upsides to having the time off: more time with my sweetie, no rushing from work to work, more time to relax and more time to kick up my exercise (and I really need to address my winter weight blues, first weight gain since my original loss).

The unexpected surprise was the concern expressed by customers when they read the notice on the door this past weekend. While they were bummed about not being able to come to our store, they also repeatedly expressed real concern about where we would work or do in the interim. We're a destination store with a history in this community so many of our customers are regulars who've been with us for years. For many, it's like Cheers. It felt real good to be asked if I'd be okay. That's what our customers wanted to know: "Will you be okay?"  

So while I won't be shopping, I've got plenty to do. More yoga and sunshine for this round, brown girl and I've wanted to resume my reading life, wanting to slow down. Going to reintroduce myself to my kitchen and support my kidlet as she enters the next stage of her young life. The downtime really is uptime for me. While change is welcome, it's also an adjustment. At first, the shift feels awkward but I know the awkwardness isn't so bad and it's temporary and I'm sure I need it. There's a reason and season for all things. 

Having the time off also comes at time of  two new paths I'm really interested in: minimalism and connecting with peers who like me are discovering who I want to be when I grow old (borrowed that lovely phrase). Being off means time to start de-cluttering my space and psyche. It's more time to write and connect with other bloggers.

New beginnings are exciting, unsettling and a host of other emotions none of which will kill me so I hope a few of you will hang around while I get my bearings and begin to make some sense of my babbling. I promise there is sense is this rambling.  

Be well.


  1. Your customers sound like you've made an impression. How neat to find a person who will help us look good in midlife and beyond. Enjoy the downtime, and keep us posted.

  2. Hi, Lynne. Thanks for taking time to comment. I really enjoy your blog. Will keep you posted.


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