Sunday, January 27, 2013

Welcome to Black & Gray: one woman's terrifying and glorious leap off the cliff of mid-life

The new year is upon us and while I know many have flocked to the gym having made earnest commitments to lose weight, I've chosen to focus on what I want to gain: clarity of mind, a sense of peace, time to reflect and the opportunity to cultivate the life I want. For me, new year is a time to tune in. This year my resolution is to renew my commitment to cultivating my inner life, to resume my yoga and meditation practice, to recommit to eating clean and moving my body. I commit to wholeness for my mind, body and soul.

In the heyday of the New Age period of the 90s, I discovered people and practices that helped me grow spiritually and mentally. I made great friends who enriched my life. 2013 is my time to reconnect with others in deep and meaningful ways. 

2013 is a time to return to what truly inspires me, to redefine how I see myself and to reflect my best self in thought and actions. This year, I embrace me the writer and artist. My passion has been sitting on a shelf. I've been frustrated, conflicted and mourning what I love. This year I love me and I love who I am. I am a writer, artist, activist, community organizer, cheerleader, reader and literacy advocate.

2013 is my time resume and define new rituals and habits. Yoga  and meditation ground me. They give me peace. Eating well, reducing my sugar intake, regulating my sodium intake and eating in moderation makes my body happy. Eating better really does feel better. Walking daily and lifting weights makes me feel strong. A good workout empowers me. I feel invigorated. I crave that endorphin rush.

2013 is about valuing who I am, who I love and yes, what I have. I have a home that is a sanctuary. I have a partner who supports me. I have daughters who are strong, resilient and beautiful. I have work that affords me safety and comfort and food. I have family and an unwavering support from them. I have purpose and meaning in my life.

2013 is a promising year because my life in this moment is a gift.

What does 2013 look like for you?


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  2. Incredibly sappy but hey, I was tinkering with my new space and rather than obsess about impressing my non-existent audience, I leaped. Hopefully, I look back and see how far I've come.


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